Professional Chairs


These can be placed in earthmoving equipment , trucks, buses , piling cranes, etc. etc.
These are chairs of a new series made up of modern and high-tech materials.
Complies with the ISO 7096 standard in both construction machines in the category EM1, EM3-6 and EM 8 .
All our seats are equipped with head restraints , horizontal suspension, zitkussenkantel- and rail system. Our chairs have been provided with a ” heater ” . The use of advanced materials and ergonomically designed cushions make these chairs into a “state of the art” product . Suitable for people of 50-200 kg. Has a wide base for stability under heavy duty working conditions.

In short chairs equipped with:

– Heated
– Adjustable weight from 50 to 200 KG
– Rail set
– Headrest
– Clock Adjustment
– Adjustable seat depth
– Back angle
– Horizontal adjustment
– Lumbar support
– Modern design
– Suspension